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Soooo…since last September…

Apparently I’m just awful with blogging and I haven’t updated this thing since September 6.  Let’s see in between updates I’ve been a traveling fool.  Went to Tokyo for the second time with hubby and the sister.  Awesome trip was awesome.  I’ve been to Atlanta and MS.  I’ve been to Vegas a few times, and even made it out to Cali for the first time.  In between all of that and despite all of that, the hubby and I welcomed a new family member to our small family.  This beast:



Hubby travels a lot for his job so I needed something to keep me company.  I’ve wanted a Rottweiler for at least a decade and so we decided we could provide a home for a dog looking for a family.  We got Atlas from http://www.recycledrotts.org/.  He is people lover but not so much a dog lover.  Hah…he does his job of making us laugh at his antics though.

Since the weather has FINALLY gotten warm up here in the frigid north, we’ve been doing some work on the flower beds amongst other little projects.  This year the flowers of choice are the pretty petunias!  Bold color.2013-05-17 19.01.38

Patrick decided to redo the border on the big flower bed by the front door because the pavers were sinking into the ground and the lines were all wobbly and not straight. To fix it he had to make the bed a bit bigger so I decided I needed some kind of bush to go there that wasn’t a hedge.  i hate hedges for some reason.  I ended up with a Scentimental Rose bush.  I’m not the biggest fans of roses but I’d never seen one that looked quite like this.

2013-05-17 19.18.002013-05-17 18.57.15

Now I just have to hope that I don’t kill the thing.  After mulch with a newspaper base a week or so later I added some more petunias.

2013-06-09 10.27.502 different types of mulch as you can see…ho hum.  I finally got around to harvesting my vermicompost this month.  I got about a couple of gallons of the good stuff.  All the new plants are planted in a mix of vermicompost and peat moss.  They should do well we will see. I’ve wanted to add a hydrangea to the mix for awhile now.  Something about those blue blooms got me.  So this past weekend I picked up one up on sale and it promptly went into the ground along side a sedum that has been here longer than we have lol.

2013-06-09 20.34.06

So I’ll try to be more prompt with updates…no guarantees though!


I know I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated.  But we haven’t been doing much other than working and traveling around for me.  Anyways, the subject of this post is Vermiculture.  I’ve been interested in composting for awhile now.  After doing a bit of research I decided to go with the vermiculture route versus making a compost pile in the backyard mostly since I’m not squeamish with worms and this way I also get worm castings which is a fancy term for worm poo.  Worm poo is apparently gold for gardening. Which I want to start doing next spring/summer.

So first things first before I ordered my worms I had to make a worm bin to keep them in.  I may not be squeamish but that doesn’t mean I want worms wriggling around on my floor.  Me and the hubby were meandering through Menards one day and low and behold they had 10 gallon plastic bins on sale for less than $4.  So we grabbed 2 of those and 2 lids.  When we moved, I set a box aside of shredded paper and some leftover boxes that I planned to use for bedding.  So I had the hubby pull out his drill and drill some holes in the top, side and bottom of one bin for aeration.


After we filled the bin with shredded paper and cardboard from old moving boxes and wet it down till it was moist but not sopping wet. After that it was ready for worms.  Me being my impatient self went to the store and got some HUGE nightcrawlers to throw into my bin.  I named them all Fred.  At 18 worms per carton they weren’t nearly enough worms, and so I hit up http://unclejimswormfarm.com/ and ordered a pound of the red wrigglers. Which are a better worm to use as compost.  Oh well.  So the Red Wrigglers got in today and I promptly threw them into the bin and let the sun hit them for a bit.  Within 10 minutes they had all burrowed into the bedding because worms don’t like bright lights.  I’ve named all the Red Wrigglers Wilma.  I’m very creative.  Don’t judge me.



So now that the Wilmas are settling in I’ll be able to feed them leftover kitchen scraps and shredded up paper instead of just throwing that stuff away.  In return for feeding them I’ll be able to use the worm castings in my future garden and in my flower beds.

Heat Wave

So apparently it’s been over a month since I’ve last updated.  Well in this interim, we’ve finished moving, and gotten internet here at the house.  Of course not without a few hitches during the process…

A while back I noticed my poor Gaillardia flower was looking rather…chewed to pieces.  I sent a picture of the poor thing to my mother who said it looked slug eaten.  SLUGS.  Ew. So after a quick google search I struck upon the idea of a good old fashioned beer trap.  Apparently sluggies like the smell of yeast or something and would happily immerse themselves in the potent smelling liquid and drown to death. This sounded like a much better option than me going out at dawn and removing the pests by hand and dropping them into salt water. Ew











So the next morning I wake up and eagerly check out the beer trap. I don’t know if I caught one slug but I sure caught a bunch of yucky earwigs! Horrible looking little bugs. Google them. Seriously. Apparently earwigs like the smell of beer too. I caught lots of earwigs…

Speaking of earwigs, for awhile I had noticed that my mulch in the front bed was mysteriously being kicked OUT of the front bed and onto the walkway up to the house. I thought maybe dogs were peeing in my flowers or something and scratching the mulch up and out of my poor flowerbed. Or cats or ERRANT CHILDREN! One afternoon I found the culprits. Yes as in plural.

Look at that!  BIRDS!  It was like 3 of the little jerky creatures in there.  Flinging mulch about with great enthusiasm.  Mulch was flying eveywhere!  Then I figured they were probably eating earwigs!  Throw as much mulch about as you’d like little birds.  Eat all of the earwigs and I’ll happily sweep the mulch back into the beds in the evenings.

Since we had a month to move of course I procrastinated on finishing painting for a good long while.  Since the mister was on the road, it was up to me to paint the rest of the great room by myself.  He helpfully supplied me with rollers and paint.  But I got er done.  Except for like the very tops of the wall in some places where it’s like 12.5 feet high.  And hey, even I’m not that tall.  So those patches had to wait till the mister got home.










So yesterday I scored yet another AWESOME steal off of craigslist.  Front loading washer and dryer SET for $225.  Apparently the seller was upgrading to steam washer and dryer and so had to get rid of his older set first.  SCORE.  Luckily the mister was around yesterday so we moved on that ad as soon as I spied it.  It was a 102 degrees outside but we got it done.  Got them brought back to the house and leveled and the washer is already set up and ready to go. The dryer will be ready to go next weekend.  Also the inlaws are coming to visit!  COMPANY! Yay!

Work being done!

So I have spent some time in my flower beds trying to wrangle them into shape and make the house have at least a bit of curb appeal.  I went to Target one day to get myself a trowel and a little shovel to dig around in the beds with.  They of course had not one set that I liked.  The only set they had was a blue plaid pattern and I thought it was hideous.  Unfortunately I came out with a whole lot of other things like a hose, some soil, a sprinkler and various other miscellaneous things. But I did eventually get myself a trowel and some small spades. The front bed is rather sandy so I’ll have to build it up eventually.  But here is a before and after where some Impatiens were added.









I think I may want to do a raised bed with that flower bed eventually.  It’s ok for now though.  Looks much better than the weedy haven it was.

The appliances came in the other day in all their shiny blackness.  Thankfully the husband is handy and installed them all himself otherwise I’m quite sure it would’ve cost an arm and a damn leg to have ABC Warehouse install them.  Lol, too bad I got the microwave 2 months ago or so as it’s stainless steel.  I just didn’t see the point in paying extra for stainless steel appliances when I was perfectly happy for the black ones.











The microwave was a pain in the rump to put in but we got er done.  Works very nicely, not bad for $50!  So now the kitchen is complete with its appliances, we just have to bring over all the kitchen pots and pans and dishes from the apartment now.

Our next project of course was to lay down drop cloths and crack open the Stone Lion paint.  You can see the paint gun waiting in the background.  I snapped a short video of Patrick doing his thing with the paint gun.  It goes VERY quick and we’re very happy to have the loud thing!  Thanks Ma! After Patrick had given the wall a coat of paint, I did the cutting in for the ceiling edge.

We are quite pleased with the Stone Lion color and can’t wait to finish the room.  Paint guns are very convenient!

Busy Busy Busy

We’ve been quite busy at the house for the last couple days.  So much so we decided to get an air mattress and sleep here instead of driving 30 minutes back to the apartment.  We still haven’t gotten around to trying out that paint gun yet as mentioned in a previous post.  Other fish to fry have kept us busy.  Before we can even start thinking about painting we had to fix a few patches of drywall.


We bought a small tub of vinyl spackling, some fiberglass tape and the taping knife as it’s called.  After several layers of the stuff and usage of our new power sander the knicks and chips have magically gone away!  Of course we both had on our nifty goofy looking safety glasses and neither of us ended up with drywall in our eyes!  Good stuff.


We rented out this steam cleaner from Lowes and managed to steam clean the entire house.  Carpet looks a lot better than it did but it took a large chunk of our day to do.  Oh well. The mister even insisted on steam cleaning the carpet in the closet.

On one of our many trips to Lowes, I got attacked by a killer bird I found this nifty plant I couldn’t resist bringing home with me!  It’s called a Kalanchoe Flapjack aka the paddle plant.  It’s a succulent that doesn’t like a lot of water.  I thought about planting it in the ground but I like it too much for it to be nibbled by snails and slugs and it’s vulnerable to frost so I’ll just bring her into the house when it gets cold.

No the blog isn’t ended!

You’d be surprised at how much stuff you need just to start functioning in a new house! After very impatiently waiting for the husband to get back from his trip out to Indianapolis we made a quick stop to Menards yesterday.  We’ve been there many times just to browse around but yesterday was the first time we got to take a basket!  We got a couple of buckets, a push broom for the garage, a paint mixer for the drill, some vinyl spackling, a spackling tool and some vinyl tape.  We noticed that the drywall tape was peeling up in a couple of places but it’s easy enough to repair.

After Menards, we went to Sherwin Williams as I had discovered they were having a 30% off sale for the Memorial Day weekend.  SCORE!  Of course going to Sherwin Williams means we had to decide on our paint palette  This palette from Design Seeds was the winner. 

Going in I knew Sherwin Williams had partnered up with HGTV and had a line of paints that was color coordinated to work together. Using our palette we decided that the Traditional Twist line of colors was the closest and from there picked out 2 colors to sample.  We decided to go with Stone Lion for the main room and decided to try Powder Blue for the master bedroom. We also came out with 4 brushes that were on clearance as we were just painting swatches on the walls to test the colors. On top of that we picked up a cheap plastic drop cloth in case any splatters or accidents happened.

So after these stops we FINALLY went over to the house, hooked up the laptop with the speakers and subwoofer and had some awesome music to listen to while we puttered around doing various things.  Since it’ll take us a bit to get settled in I decided to postpone my gardening until next year *tear*.  However I did buy myself a crate of herbs to grow.  It has cilantro, parsley and oregano in it. So I set that up yesterday and watered it a bit.

After setting up my herb crate, I moved over to the paint samples and laid out the drop cloth to test out Stone Lion. Patrick got the honor of brushing on the the Powder Blue color in the bedroom.  I took some awful pictures but at least it’ll show you guys the color on the walls.

I like the Stone Lion color, I’m not too fond of the Powder Blue at the moment.  It’s rather blue…We’ll see about that.  Maybe it’ll look better in different lighting as it was late evening when we did this.  Anyway, this is getting to be a rather long post, guess I’ll wrap it up.  Before I go though, I discovered these beauties growing on the side of the house! LILLIES!  I love lillies!